EBUTE functions as a cultural thermometer for

diasporic African youth. 

Specialising in selective re-education, EBUTE have developed a series of immersive workshops and discussion led events, that explore the digital economy, cultural production and economic growth within the African diaspora.

Grounded in theories symbiosis and communications, EBUTE aim to bring new perspectives of thought to global conversations, to support and strengthen the interconnected knowledge and culture ecology of the African diaspora.

Working strategically with influencers, institutions and, organisations who have a presence in Africa, EBUTE offer a bespoke communications service in research, content and brand activation.




The globalisation of knowledge and the knowledge of globalisation are core themes for EBUTE as an organisation and in this information age, it is essential we provide context to our community in ways that help individuals navigate society in the accelerated pace of information sharing.

A network of global connectors, creative minds and a passion for youth equip EBUTE with authentic access to diaspora communities worldwide.