"CORONATION OF THE KIN is a portrait-editorial designed to interrogate competing concepts of identity and togetherness within the construct of the African family unit. Its title reveals the intimacy and value the concept of "family" holds widely across the continent, likening the belonging to and creation of family to that of ascending into a space of royalty. It is important--again--to note that while family holds a multitude of variations, each maintain one persistent truth: kinship determines status."

To develop this photo story that highlights the juxtapositions of wealth for women in patrilineal African societies, extensive research into precolonial matrilineal and unilineal cultural anthropology of west African societies was used to form a visual aesthetic that could bridge the gap between traditional conversations and a new perspective of thought on gender roles within the African Diaspora youth.

Getty Images commissioned Nigerian born, New York based photographer and visual artist, Stephanie Nnamani AKA Teff Theory to bring this narrative alive.

Art direction and photography by Stephanie Nnamani, set design and production by Christina Nwabugo, styling by Umps Machaka using Topshop, LF Markey, Lisou, Atika London and Les Basics.

Models: Julie Oye, Marielle and Folayinka Folarin-Coker.

Images available to purchase via Getty Images.